Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Wild Swans Art Group with Sadaharu Horio from Kobe Japan at the Nyisztor Studios Western Australia

Cynthia Ellis

The Wild Swans Art Group of Lynne Norton, Caspar Fairhall, Duncan Mckay, John Cullinane, Michael Doherty, Connie Petrillo, Diokno Pasilin, Cynthia Ellis, Peter Davidson, Chelle Bourne and Kevin Robertson, recent exhibition at Nyisztor Studios in Western Australia included eight artworks from the Japanese avant garde artist Sadaharu Horio who generously contributed to the exhibition thank you Horio.

Its not often the Wild Swans exhibit back in their home state of Western Australia, so it was good to return to the place of its origins as the group has been very well received in Japan, Kuching Malaysia and more recently at the Australian High Commission Singapore. Further more to all those who came to the exhibition many thanks and special thanks to Ron Nyisztor for the hanging of the artworks.

Sadaharu Horio 

 Caspar Fairhall

Michael Doherty

Duncan Mckay

 Michelle Bourne Diokno Pasalin and Connie Petrillo

 John Cullinane

Kevin Robertson

Monday, 2 October 2017

Wild Swans Art Group at The Australian High Commission Singapore

The Wild Swans Art Group Exhibition at The Australian High Commssion Singapore  Ms Kate Duff Australia’s Deputy High Commissioner to Singapore with Dr Peter Davidson 

Many thanks to all the those  who visited
 The Wild Swans Art Group Exhibition 
The Australian High Commission Singapore 

Visitor on the last day