Sunday, 15 May 2016

Many of the artworks for the The Wild Swans Art Groups exhibition at Gallerry Opera Labo are now in Japan here are a few.

John Cullinane's painting titled; Birdman - oil on cotton - 25 cm x 20cm

Lynne Norton's outstanding print that won the “Excellent Prize” in Qingdao Biennial International Print Exhibition 2000 (CHINA) titled “Impetuous Momentum”

Michael Doherty's painting titled: Time and Tide 
oil on canvas

This is a small selection of very fine idiosyncratic artworks that are now travelling to or are in Japan for the first exhibition at Makiko Karitani's Opera Labo Gallery, and it appears the Nishi ku community of Kobe are very much looking forward to seeing the artworks. 

One of the very good issues that seems to be happening in this gathering of artworks by Western Australian artists in Japan is the uniqueness of their aesthetic visions and one believes this will be one of the better consequences that will happen from assembling such a collection of artists.

Makiko Karitani  
Soprano and Gallerist 
Gallery Opera Labo

The Wild Swans Arts Group is appreciative of Makiko Karitani's support for the first exhibition in Japan, if you wish to see more on Makiko's Gallery Opera Labo please click on the following link below, thank you. 

English Site

Japanese Site

Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Wild Swan's artworks start assembling in Kobe - Japan

Michael Doherty

City Scape
M L Norton 

Study of Mum
P Davidson

The artworks from The Wild Swans Art Group are now gathering at the edge of the old Kyoto foreign lands, (as it was known around the time when the Tale of Genji that was written around the 11th century) in Nishi Ku - Kobe behind Akashi.

For a group of artists who mostly have spent all their artistic lives in one of the most distant cities on earth being Perth, Western Australia, then coming to exhibit in one of the great aesthetic triangles of the world being Nara, Kyoto and Kobe with Osaka in the middle, is a humbling experience. 

Nonetheless, the Wild Swans Art Group are here to exhibit/learn and where these uncharted aesthetic travels go collectively and independently one does not know, but it does start in Japan at Gallery Opera Labo and the momentum, along with the local peoples anticipation for the show is gathering, further updates will be posted in the near future, thank you.

Tale of Genji Link