Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Wild Swans Art Group will be exhibiting in the Gutai meets Western Australian exhibition at 2 Dogs Art Space Akashi

Currently there is a exhibition about to open in 2 Dogs Art Space that contains the works of The Wild Swans Art Group on show. The exhibition at 2 Dogs Art Space is titled Gutai meets Western Australian it acknowledges the friendship between the two communities and how in Japan that relationship developed with groups exhibiting and performing, learning from each other.

For example, here is a link to Sadaharu Horio performing with Martine Hiene and David Bromfield at Atiler 2001 under the Kobe railway line in 2012;

I have been going to events dinners with the Gutai members since 2006 so its well over a decade now members of the groups have been interacting from these sister states being Hyogo prefecture and Western Australia there for we look forward to this exhibition at 2 Dogs Art Space. 

Article by Peter Davidson who is in the exhibition