Friday, 29 April 2016

The Wild Swan Arts Group - Western Australia - Towards Uncharted Aesthetic Horizons

Left to right  Duncan McKay, Connie Petrillo Caspar Fairhall, Kevin Robertson, Cynthia Ellis, Peter Davidson, Michael Doherty, John Cullinane other members not present are Chelle Bourne, Lynne Norton and Diokno Pasilan

On April 28th 2016 The Wild Swan Arts Group was formed and the artists will now work towards the groups first international exhibition in Japan at Gallery Opera Labo in Nishi Ku, Kobe in June 2016. 

The Wild Swan Arts Group looks forward very much to exhibiting in Japan and are very aware of the long and distinguished history of Japanese art which will no doubt only add to the drive that these artists have within their aesthetics studio praxis for this forth coming exhibition.

It appears throughout Western Australia's short aesthetic history in comparison with the long histories of aesthetics in East Asia there has been not a lot of exchange with Japan. The Wild Swan Arts Groups looks forward to exhibiting in Japan on a regular basis and hopefully in the future with invited artists from within the region in unity and diversity.

Link to Gallery Opera Labo