Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The Wild Swans Art Group in Osaka Japan at chef-d'oeurve

The Wild Swans Art Group from Western Australia

Exhibition opens


Thursday 1st 12pm to 10pm - Friday 2nd 12pm to 9pm



550-0011 Osaka

The group has exhibited in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia in Japan at Kobe, Okinawa, Akashi and soon Osaka

Below are some of the artworks by John Cullinane Kevin Robertson and Lynne Norton that will be on show with Cynthia Ellis Diokno Pasilan Connie Petrillo Duncan McKay Chelle Bourne Michael Doherty Peter Davidson and Caspar Fairhall

Cynthia Ellis

Peter Davidson

Caspar Fairhall

Peter Davidson

 Duncan McKay

Chelle Bourne

Michael Doherty

Connie Petrillo

Diokno Pasilan

John Cullinane

Lynne Norton

Kevin Robertson