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Harmony and Peace exhibition by artists from Japan and Western Australia

Lynne Norton

Gallery Opera Labo
Harmony and Peace exhibition
by artists from
Japan and Western Australia

hanging artworks

Masters Japan
Unknown sumi e wall hanging early 18th Centaury
Ando Hiroshigie 1853 Woodblock Print, title; Famous Places in the Sixty add Provinces - Shimofusa Choishi no Hama (beach of Choshi)*

Masters Australia
Frank Norton (1916 -1983) Marine artist/official war artist*
Mac Betts (1932 – 2010) Landscape artist*

Martin Heine (1957 – 2014) Western Australian/ German*



Chiyu Uemae*
Ryoko Kumakura*
Sadaharu Horio
Shu TakaHashi*

The Wild Swan Art Group
Western Australia

Caspar Fairhall
Chelle Bourne
Cynthia Ellis
Connie Petrillo
Diokno Pasilan
Duncan Mckay
John Cullinane
Kevin Robertson
Lynne Norton
Michael Doherty
Peter Davidson

All works with a * after them are on loan from a private collection for the exhibition

In February 2012 there was an exhibition by 10 Western Australia Artists at Gallery Horikawa, Kobe, Japan sponsored by Mr. Horikawa the artists were Connie Petrillo, David Bromfield, Diokno Pasilan, Janis Nedela, Louis Moncrieff, Martine Heine, Monique Tippet, Patriza Tonello, Pippa Tandy and Peter Davidson at this exhibition Sadaharu Horio came and viewed the exhibition and after a good conversation with Martin plus others, he subsequently organised a performance space for himself and Martin which was titled: Preparation for a Movement and as I understand Horio made the connection between north (Japan) and South (Western Australia) at that performance. The Horio/ Martin Heine performance can be seen here

From that statement North and South by Horio the collaboration continues between Japan and Western Australia into this next exhibition titled; Peace and Harmony generously sponsored by  at Gallery Opera Labo 102.

The title of the show Peace and Harmony promotes tolerance between different societal memories and aesthetics through these aforementioned artists in a world that appears to be in need of that wonderful human quality. Further information on the exhibition will be posted as it comes to hand thank you.

Opening times in Japanese
Gallery Operalabo102 今月1歳の誕生日を迎えました。】
3月4日〜5月末日まで、西オーストラリアと日本のアーティストによる「Peace and Harmony 展」には、他にも素晴らしいアーティストさんの絵画を展示します。



5月28日(日)14:00 原元 柚衣ミュージカルとオペラの演奏と展覧会

7月9日 (日)オペラホリスティック®資格取得者3名によるソプラノコンサート&ベルギー森耕治先生の講演会

1126日(日)チェンバロ澤朱里&ソプラノ苅谷牧子 コンサート&展覧会



Information websites on Japanese Artists

Ando Hiroshige

Chiyu Uemae

Ryoko Kumakura

Sadaharu Horio

Shu Takahashi

Australian Master artists

Frank Norton

Mac Betts
Martine Heine

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