Thursday, 10 January 2019

The Wild Swans Art group members will be taking part in a Western Australian Exhibition at the chef-d'œuvre Gallery and restaurant Osaka - Japan

Gallery and restaurant
Osaka - Japan
Western Australia

Swan River - Western Australia

Presents the following exhibition
Western Australian Artists
Caspar Fairhall Kevin Robertson Michael Doherty Lynne Norton Cynthia Ellis
Diokno Pasilan Peter Davidson John Cullinane Chelle Bourne     Duncan McKay Connie Petrillo Sally Douglas Louis Moncrieff Linda Fardoe Ron Nyisztor
Melissa Nolan McDougall Jurek Wybraneic Shelley Cowper Ken Wadrop Pippa Tandy Monique Tippett

On the 18th-19th 2019
Opening times 12pm to 9pm

Friday Night concert at 7pm
song/piano:Yui Haramoto - Makiko Karitani
 fiddleHideyuki Sato
西区阿波座1-9-12 550-0011 Osaka ph 06-6533-0770

Thursday, 13 December 2018

The Wild Swans Art Group - Xmas Exhibition at 2 Dogs Art Space Akashi with fellow Western Australian Artists 2018

Kevin Robertson - 7.03 am oil on canvas - 41.5 cm h x 31 cm w

Peter Davidson

Sake cup petite still life oil on board - Ceramic sake cup on wooden shelf

Christmas Exhibition
2 Dogs Art Space
Akashi Japan

On exhibit

The Wild Swans Art Group from Western Australia        
With Fellow
Western Australian artists

Opening times

Dec14th Friday 3 to 6pm, 15th Saturday 1- 4 pm, Sunday 17th 1 to 4pm, 21st Friday 3 to 6pm, 22nd Saturday 1- 4 pm, Sunday 23rd 1 to 4pm

Address 3 Chome Nishishinmachi, Akashi-shi, Hyōgo-ken 673-0023

3rd floor above the Dental Clinic

Please come all are welcome 
further images will be posted 
thank you 

Some supporters of the art space at the Xmas exhibition

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Current news from the Wild Swans Art Group

Winter Storms Perth 

Diokno Pasilin 

Drawing Room Contemporary Art. 13 Oct. until 6 Nov. 2018


Michael Doherty 


Oud Sint Jan Museum, Bruges
Novemeber 2018

Michael Doherty 
solo exhibition 

Orangery Gallery

Opening 6pm on the 1st of November.
320 Onslow Road,Shenton Park
Western Australia

Cynthia Ellis 

Melville Art Award 
Western Australia 

Yellowblue painting
Highly Commended

Caspar Fairhall

currently showing at the 

The City of Joondalup's Community Invitation Art Award 

 Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City, 
Myer Court from 14 – 28 October 2018.

Western Australia 

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The Wild Swans Art Group from Western Australia at the Be Kyoto Gallery - Kyoto - Japan

The Wild Swans Art Group exhibition at the Be Kyoto Gallery in Kyoto 
was held in a two hundred year old house that dates back to the Edo Period of Japan 
which now serves the local community as an art gallery and rental space. 

Gallery and back space with bench

 On there way through many of the participants (who are about to do there cultural engagements) stopped and viewed the artworks.The local community in viewing the artworks then asked questions about certain images this was a good learning experience for them, as well as myself for it enlarges ones store house of memory with different ideas, plus for me it is fascinating to see how varied the ideas are behind human aesthetics. That is one of the common denominator  I have learnt about in taking the Wild Swans Art Group throughout  four countries and that  human taste is so diverse as to what people like, there doesn't appear to be a commonality unless it is enforced by external means, beauty is very independent.

Having a beautiful art space so close the street appears to deconstruct the communities loneliness for the local peoples, especially for senior members as they may visit space daily or once/twice a week, it then becomes part of their daily lives and not something apart and this is a wonderful outcome.

Street view of gallery 

Local Kyoto Gallerists talking.

To all the people that visited the exhibition in Kyoto 

thank you for coming 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

News from the Wild Swans Art Group

To all our friends and supporters around the world thank you for your continuing support it is appreciated.  

Here is some currents news on the groups forthcoming activities .

Caspar Fairhall

Caspar's Solo Exhibition  at Fremantle Arts Center Western Australia
 is  opening on the 25 May

Diokno Pasalin

Will be doing a collaboration with two other artists at the Back Space Gallery - Ballarat Victoria


Michael Doherty

Will be awarded the International Prize Giulio Cesare on the 7th of July at Palazzo Velli Rome,for career achievement,amongst forty other artists worldwide.
Solo exhibition at OrangeryGallery 1st of November in Perth.(Photo of Award above)

Kevin Robertson

Kevin's exhibition Wonderwall will be opening on the 22nd of June at Geraldton Regional Art Gallery - Western Australia

Monday, 16 April 2018

Wild Swans Art Group have a permanent collection space at 2 Dogs Art Space - Akashi - Japan

The Wild Swans Art Group now have a permanent collection on show at 2 Dogs Art Space Akashi, it is the only collection that consists solely of artists who were or still are practising artists in Western Australian that I know of in Japan.

The Wild Swans Art Group permanent collection will be shown along side changing exhibitions in the other gallery space (seen below) on the right.  

A catalogue will be developed about the collection in English and Japanese over the coming year